Nova Genesis Zenith Production Guide

nova genesis zenith guide The Nova Genesis Zenith is the place where you will obtain a large amount of gold, phantasma and aima. In this basic Nova Genesis Zenith production guide we will cover some important aspects in the Zenith and some strategies that you can use to get the most out of the Zenith. From building up your character and hero to obtaining important resources - The Zenith is where you want to focus a good amount of time.

If you are used to playing games such as league of angels or wartune then the Zenith will look very familiar. The Zenith production produces gold, phantasma and aima but you do not need to plant anything. These resources which can be referred to as game currency are auto generated every hour based upon what level you build each of these sections. Gold mines will produce gold constantly unless the gold mine become full. Once it becomes full it will stop producing gold.

To produce more gold and storage for gold you need to upgrade your gold mines. This is an important part of the game as gold is used for many things in Nova Genesis. To upgrade your gold mine click on it and then click on the upgrade button. Each upgrade cost more gold and more time to complete that level of upgrade. It is a good game strategy to at least upgrade your gold mines to level 5+ as soon as possible. This will give you more storage for gold and give you the ability to produce large amounts of gold faster. The gold mines have an info screen and upgrade dialog box. The info screen will let you know how much gold can be harvest per hour and other aditional information.

Nova Genesis Phantasma And Aima

nova genesis gold harvest Phantasma Core - The phantasma core produces phantasma which is needed to upgrade your hero and character stats from the frost hatchling screen (Your Wyvern in the middle of the Zenith). The production of phantasma is automatic as long as you build phantasma cores. The cores will produce this resource for you every hour just like the gold mines but they also can get full if not harvested. Upgrading your Phantasma Core is an excellent game strategy because it will allow you to produce more phantasma. The higher level your character is the more Phantasma Cores you can build but be aware each new one you build cost more gold. You should upgrade all your Phantasma Cores to level 5 as soon as possible so you can keep upgrading your character and hero stats as much as possible.

Aima Core - The Aima Core works the same way the gold mines and phantasma cores do. The aima core has an info screen and an upgrade dialog box to upgrade the core. Aima will be produced every hour and can become full if you do not harvest it every so often. Aima is an important resource that you need a lot of because it's needed to upgrade the level of your heroes that you obtain from the shrine. Just like the gold and phantasma core you should apply the strategy of upgrading your aima cores to level 5+ as soon as possible.

Stamp - The last section in the Zenith of the Stamp button. Clicking on the Stamp button on all your friends / guild mates will give you a massive amount of resources. Make sure you stamp these everyday after reset.


Nova Genesis Gold And Currency

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Nova Genesis Character Stats

The nova genesis Zentih also contains an area that allows you to increase your character and hero stats. This section is opened by clicking on the fatchling in the middle of the Zenith. This will open up a special traning section that gives you the ability to increase character and hero stats both. To read more about this section and how to create a more powerful hero - Read our Nova Genesis Basic Character Stats Guide. Please note that these are basic tips and hints to help you increase your characters power and statistics.

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