Nova Genesis Recruit Powerful Heroes

nova genesis heroes The Nova Genesis recruit heroes guide will help you understand how to recruit heroes and what are the best heroes you can use when you are starting out in the game. This basic guide has been designed to help you get started and is not a complete strategy guide by any means. The recruit icon known as the shrine is at the bottom of your screen next to the other icons on your menu.

Clicking on the shrine brings up the hero recruiting screen showing several different heroes that you can recruit. The heroes are called Lazuli, Naveru, Tok'moro, Falx, More, Helsith, Borshiva, Zebon, Shegara, Merrick, Valbina and Scythelord. Not all heroes will be opened when you first join Nova Genesis.

In order to recruit these Nova Genesis heroes you must obtain their cards. There are several ways to obtain the cards - doing campaigns in the elite dungeon, obtaining the cards from the daily login screen and purchasing the cards through the Arena Exchange. Each hero requires a different number of cards to recruit, the more powerful the hero the cards required.

Leveling up your heroes require Aima to be used and the higher the level the more Aima will be required. At each level top (level 1 - 10, level 11 - 20, level 21 - 30, level 31 - 40, level 41 - 50) the hero will be required to ascend into the next top level. To ascend a hero it will again require those hero cards. The amount of hero cards will increase with each level top you reach.

Nova Genesis Recruit Heroes Guide

nova genesis hero strategy Now I know you are wondering what is the best hero for you to recruit to do the most damage or win the most battles. This nova genesis recruit hero guide will not cover what the best hero is because this mainly depends upon you, how your fight, and what skills your main character is set on. Each and ever hero can do just as much damage or defense as you need depending upon how you are building up your character.

Some people perfer to use Borshiva which is a magic based hero while others prefer to use zebon which is more of a physical attack hero. Because everyone builds up their characters and heros differently there is no one best hero that you can recruit and go with. Most of this depends upon what gems you are using, what armor or weapons you are using, what level you upgrade your armor and weapons.

Each hero has their own skill set but remember other heroes also have skills that counter those skills. For instance Valbina can cast poison on your entire group but More has healing abilities that can heal your entire group. This is another reason why this basic recruit heroes strategy guide will not cover the best hero for you.

You will however want to recruit several heroes that can be switched out and used during different dungeon runs or during arena battles. Speak with your guild and decide if the guild needs a healer and if so then it may be in your best interest to recruit and build up a healer. Just remember not to waste too many resources on lower heroes as the stronger ones will unlock later on in the game as you increase your level.


Nova Genesis Strong Heroes

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Nova Genesis Heroes Strategy

It is an excellent game strategy to recruit more than one hero from the shrine and build them up as much as possible. Armor and weapons for all heroes must be crafted in the forge and the materials must be obtained through the Arena Exchange and by completing dungeon quest. The higher level armor and weapons you want to craft the more resources it will cost. Save up your resources and build up all your heroes armor and weapons at one time.

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