Nova Genesis Geodes Strategy Guide

nova genesis geodes The Nova Genesis geodes fusion system is an excellent way to boost your characters stats and the statistics of your hero. The Nova Genesis geodes fusion system will become available upon your character reaching a higher level if you do not see it open yet. The geodes fusion strategy guide will help you get started on using the geodes fusion system and and how you can take the most advantage of it to make your game character strong in Nova Genesis.

The Nova Genesis geodes fusion system is another function in Nova Genesis that will help you build a strong character and increase your stats. Capturing geodes can get very expensive fast so before you go and drop 1 million in gold into the geodes system, you should read through this basic guide. Once the Nova Genesis geodes fusion system is unlocked a new icon will appear at the bottom of your screen next to the other menu items.

The Nova Genesis geodes fusion system is based upon a random numbers generator, meaning there is no set pattern that can be followed. All geodes are randomly generated but that does not mean we can't use a game strategy here to obtain the best geodes. Because geodes do play a vital role in your characters stats and hero stats you want to be able to build up the proper geodes that will give you the best increase in your statistics.

Geodes EXP and Level Up - You can level up Nova Genesis geodes by fusing them together. The EXP from each geode is never lost so you can continue to fuse them into higher level geodes. Different ranking and quality of geodes have different leveling and EXP requirements. You can use 1 click fusion (or just drag and drop) to quickly combine all of the geodes together and save time. To avoid your geodes from being one click fused, you can lock it. You can always unlock the geodes by using the lock button again.

To equip a geode in Nova Genesis that you have collected, you just need to pick it up and drop it into an open slot of your geodes fusion screen.

Building Higher Nova Genesis Geodes

nova genesis geode strategy The higher level your character is the more slots will open. Some geodes you may want to save for later use when you do open up other slots, so keep this in mind. You also can only equip 1 type of astral at a time, meaning you can only use 1 PATK geode or 1 PDEF geode. If you get duplicate geodes it is ok to either sell them back or fuse them together.

Your hero statistics have a corresponding geode and as such your goal is to apply and build up those geodes that are going to increase your character and hero stats. For example Corsair should have a PDEF geode along with PATK, while magic heroes such as Borshiva would actually use MATK along with resist critical attacks. Pay close attention to how the geodes change your character stats and test different geodes to see what damage / defense works best for you.

Collect higher geodes - This online game strategy is one that some may not agree with but it does work very well. Because geode fusion uses a numbers generator to randomly generate geodes, you want the best way to obtain higher level geodes. Geodes come in white, green, blue, purple, and yellow (also red) with green being the weakest and red being the strongest.

When you start collecting geodes you want to sell back any white astrals and keep the blue and purple ones. While this method may consume more gold (you will get 70% of your gold back from selling the white/green) it will also give you the best chance at getting higher geodes that are blue, purple, and yes sometimes yellow. Once you have the geodes that you want to keep then fusing together the blue and purple into your geode will make them stronger.

You could fuse (consume all) everything that you collect but keep in mind that white astrals are only worth 10 EXP points while blue are worth 30 EXP points and purple worth 50 EXP points. This is why it makes more sense to sell the white and green and fuse the blue and purple geodes. You will be able to reach the geodes next level faster this way.


Nova Genesis Geodes Fusion

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Nova Genesis Geodes Strategy

While doing the nova genesis geodes you will notice that you get 2x the fusion at reset everyday and 3 free clicks. This will give you 6 geodes at the cost of 3 basically. You will receive points for doing geodes, each time you click on a stone it will add points to your total. The higher the stone clicked the more points. These points can be exchanged in the geode exchange shop for higher level geodes. The yellow geodes cost 6,000 points while the rare red geodes cost 15,000 points. Spend your points wisely though because it takes a lot of gold to reach these high points.

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