Nova Genesis Epic Arena Guild Battles

nova genesis epic battles The Nova Genesis epic battles strategy guide is a basic guide that explains the different battle sections of the Nova Genesis online browser game. This basic guide will help give you game hints and game tips on how to best participate in these battles and win. This strategy guide will cover the arena battles, guild battles and the gauntlet battle arena.

The nova genesis arena works about the same as many other online browser based games. You fight with other gamers to increase your rank in the arena in the hopes of gaining additional rewards at reset. One different aspect though is the arena ranks are broken up into sections and each section you must qualify for before obtaining those rewards. The arena has silver 1, silver 2, silver 3 upto silver 5 and then goes into the gold section.

Each section in the arena is based upon 5 levels but to reach each level you must earn a certain amount of points. So unlike other arenas where you just fight and fight to increase your rank, you must actually work on each one of these sections one at a time and then qualify. The arena gives some great rewards at reset and you will also earn arena coins win or lose that can be used in the arena exchange.

The gauntlet in Nova Genesis is pretty straight forward as you have 10 battles and after each battle you can open a chest which usually contains hero recruitment cards. As your character grows in level so will the competition in the gauntlet as it becomes harder and harder to win battles. If you get stuck try switching places with your hero or try and deploy a different hero to help you.

Nova Genesis Guild Battle Strategies

nova genesis guild strategy The Nova Genesis guild battle also know as Guild Knockout functions pretty much the same way as other online browser games such as wartune and league of angels. The guild battles consist of 2 sides with each side having a different guild. In the middle of the battlefield there are 7 towers. The basic idea is to capture these towers to gain points and win Guild Knockout.

This may sound simple but it's not always that stright forward because the other guild will be fighting for these towers and can start fights with the other guild. Fights can hold a total of 6 players (3 on each side). Fights can be 3 vs 1 or 2 vs 3 depending upon how many guild members jump in the fight. Guilds can gain points and merit by defeating players in these fights. So not only can you gain points by holding the towers but also can points by killing the other guild members.

Guild Knockout last for 30 minutes and the guild with the most points at the end of that 30 minutes wins Guild Knockout. Something that makes this guild battle different than other games is that you will have 2 different guild battles one after the other with usually 5 minute break in between them. You will not fight the same guild on the 2nd battle.

An excellent guild battle strategy that you can apply to guild battles is to make sure you have your strongest players on the front lines while the lower level members stay behind taking over towers. This way you are blocking access to the towers and keeping the other guild from taking them over.


Nova Genesis Guild Wars

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Nova Genesis Guild Battle Strategy

Winning guild battles is not that difficult but it does require planning, communication and participation. The guild that has the most participating members will usually win but if your guild has a plan and communication then you can actually beat the other guild even if out-numbered. Planning, communication and guild member participation is the most important strategy to have to win guild battles. Have one person in your guild to setup plans and do all the communication during the guild battle.

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