Nova Genesis Bounty Quest Walkthough

nova genesis bounties Nova Genesis bounty quest are quest that you can perform every day for additional experience points and gold. In this basic Nova Genesis bounty quest walk-through we will cover how you can access bounty quest and the best way to use those bounty quest for the most experience and gold. The Bounty quest wall can be found in Cirrostra towards the right end of town. The quest will appear on the wall in a list of 4, this list will be reset every 30 minutes with new Nova Genesis quest. You are given 3 free resets each day so you do not have to wait the 30 minutes for each reset.

Bounty quest are limited to 20 per day unless Nova Genesis is running some kind of special event that will increase your limit. As with most online browser games there are special events that run from time to time and that may include bounty quest so make sure you check special events. There are 4 different types of bounty quest - white, blue, green, and orange. White quest usually offer lower experience and gold while the orange quest offer the highest. The orange quest are known as epic bounties.

While bounty quest are mostly done from the bounty quest wall list, these quest can also be obtained through campaigns from the treasure chest. Nova Genesis treasure chest randomly generate items but if you was to receive a bounty quest from one and used it, then it does count towards your 20 limit per day bounty quest. Other instances offer epic bounty scrolls which are the orange bounties worth the most gold and experience. If you are a lower level and the server offers world experience, this is a great time to use epic bounties as you will get double the experience points.

Nova Genesis Bounty Tips And Hints

nova genesis quest walkthrough While you could just run through the 20 bounty quest fairly fast, it is not always a good game strategy to do so. If you want to apply the best gaming strategy to yield the best possible results, then you want to follow these Nova Genesis tips and hints for bounty quest. In order to help build your character and hero up in the best possible way this simple Nova Genesis walkthrough should be followed. When you first click on the bounty quest wall and you see 4 bounty quest that you can undertake, you want to look for the highest paying rewards. The best strategy is to look for the easiest quest to do. If you see a blue quest with 3 white quest then complete the blue one and wait for the bounty list to reset.

After the bounty quest wall has reset (in 30 minutes) then take another look and see what quest are there. Again select the ones that are going to give the most gold and experience and ones that can be used to give you double rewards. How do you obtain double rewards from bounty quest? Simple - If you see one that pays for you killing enemies and you have side quest that are open that also require you to kill enemies, then select it so you can in essence kill 2 birds with one stone. This is the best bounty quest strategy to apply because you will get the maximum amount of gold and experience.

If you have seen nothing but white bounty quest several times then you can use one of your resets to see if any higher paying quest show up. Following this simple method is going to give you the most experience and gold, which will help you in other aspects of the Nova Genesis game.


Nova Genesis Bounty Quest List

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Nova Genesis Strategy Guide

One of the best game strategies that should be implemented not only with Nova Genesis but with any online browser game you play, is leveling your character up along with increasing your skills at the same time. There are some that play Nova Genesis and level up too fast thinking that they are getting stronger. While it is true that leveling up does increase your stats, the amount it increases is very limited. Instead of just leveling up as fast as you can try focusing on other aspects of the game such as the guild skills. You should be leveling up your guild skills while leveling up character.

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