Nova Genesis Character Stats Guide

nova genesis stats guide When you first register for Nova Genesis and select your game character, you are presented with many different stats for that Nova Genesis character. In this basic Nova Genesis character stats guide we will cover some important points on the Nova Genesis stats. Obviously as with any online mmorpg browser based game, you want to increase only certain stats depending upon the character you chose. For example the Corsair have no need for magic while Psyon require increasing their stats for magic.

There are several places in Nova Genesis that increases and changes your character stats. Each of these places have different options and features to increase character stats. If some of the places mentioned here are not open yet, don't worry they all open pretty fast. Building your character up in Nova Genesis requires gold, phantasma, aima, rubies, arena coins and elite coins. Course if you want to spend real money then you can always use diamonds for many things within the game of Nova Genesis.

The Zenith - If you have played similar games such as wartune or league of angels then you will notice Zenith looks like a farm. There is a special section to the Zenith though that helps build up your character stats. This section is opened by clicking on the Frost Hatchling which opens the Wyvern screen that has training. The train cost gold coins and phantasma both. Increasing these stats on the training screen increases your character stats and your active hero stats. You should build these stats up as even as possible but pay close attention to the power and crit training.

Building Powerful Hero Stats

nova genesis hero stats The Forge - The forge offers several different sections that helps increase your character stats and abilities. Enhance allows you to increase your stats for armor and weapons. Gems allows you to add additional stats to your hero and character that effects hp, pdef, mdef and etc. Refine allows you to add additional stats to your armor and weapons which effects your over-all character stats. Enhance your armor and weapons with gold and blessed stones. Blessed stones are not always easy to come by so stock up on them for higher level armor and weapons.

Soul Cards - The soul cards screen has several sections just like the forge. Sould cards work very similar to gems that you add to your weapons and armor. You can add soul cards, upgrade soul cards to become more powerful and open up new slots for additional soul cards. You should only open new slots on soul cards when you have level 40+ and higher armor and weapons. Otherwise it's a waste of drills to open these slots. The power of these cards are listed in color on the guide button. Upgrading soul cards cost gold and other lessor soul cards.

Geode Fusion - The geode screen allows you to obtain geodes which then are added to your character and hero to increase their stats. Geodes cost gold but can be purchased with points also. You earn points by clicking on the fusion stones to spend gold to capture geodes. Pink, Yellow and Red are the most powerful geodes and are the ones you want to aim for. You can build up your geodes by fusion / consuming them together and then drag and drop them onto the geode you want to upgrade. The higher the geode the better character stats you obtain.


Powerful Armor And Weapons Stats

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Nova Genesis Arena Exchange

The nova genesis arena exchange is where you will obtain weapons, armor, upgrades and other items. Increasing your character and hero stats require that you obtain the most powerful armor and weapons in the game. The arena exchange allows you to exchange elite coins and arena coins for upgraded armor and weapons, arena medals, and epic crystals that make your armor and weapons even more powerful. Arena coins and elite coins can be obtained by doing various events in Nova Genesis which include arena fighting, guild battles, doing elite dungeon and regular dungeons.

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