Nova Genesis Strategy Guide

nova genesis strategy guide Nova Genesis, is a free to play online browser-based mmorpg that is similar in nature to wartune or league of angels. You are the chosen mighty warrior that has the task of obtaining the Nova Weapons from the evil darkside in order to protect the towns of Nova Genesis.

Nova Genesis takes your character on a stellar journey to fight alongside your chosen Hero to strike out the dark forces that sprung from the planet's core! Travel between Polaris, Aurora and Cirrostra meeting the town citizens and completing daily task and campaigns. Adventure through dungeons, elite dungeons, the labyrinth and expedition for great rewards and awesome bonuses. Build your character up through fights in the arena, bounty quests, and obtaining items for use at the forge.

Nova Genesis offers many areas of gameplay through their online browser based game that is sure to please any online gamer. The shrine offers the ability to recruit powerful heroes, the Zentih is where you build gold mines, phantasma cores, aima cores and other features such as the ability to help build your character up even stronger. The geodes offer a great way to increase your character and hero battle rating along with attacks, defense and other characteristics.

Nova Genesis Hints, Strategies And Cheats

nova genesis game cheats Many of the online games today are designed with guilds that have high ranked members that take the time to help new guild members become stronger through explaining to them what geodes, gems, and soul cards are best for them and what upgrades they should be focusing on.

Higher ranked guild members often know the best hints and in game cheats that can be applied to help your become a better online gamer. Some guilds even have training battles with other players to help them understand the best formation and setups that can be applied to defeat higher ranked players.

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Nova Genesis Online Gaming

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Nova Genesis Strategy

The strategy mmorpg games have come a long way in the last several years and are improving each year with more amazing features and gameplay. Nova Genesis has created one of the best strategy games online in 2015. With many different functions, amazing graphics, and a battle system that is equal to none. Nova Genesis has perfected the 3d rendering of 2d graphics to create an amazing visual appeal to the game. Along with a compelling storyline, its no wonder why millions of gamers flock to play these online browser based games.

Nova Genesis MPG Online Games

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